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Mark Your Calendars for the
2012 Energy Solutions Tour
Saturday, October 6
9:00 am-4:30 pm

How to Start on Tour Day

  1. Click on the map below to see the Tour Stop nearest you or that you want to see.
  2. The Tour Stop listings are on this page below the map where you can find directions to get there
  3. At your first stop, buy your Tour Guide, which is your ticket, which will guide you to all Tour Stops.

Tour Details: (Tour Homes below)

  • This year's Tour is a self-guided tour (in your own car). You pick your houses and times.
  • Go to any of the Tour Homes and get your Tour Tickets and Tour Guide.
  • Tickets - $10 - cash or check only
    Children 12 & under free. Visit 4 or more stops and receive a $10 gift certificate!!
  • Tour Guide has map, home photos, addresses, and directions.
  • One ticket is good for all Tour Homes!
    See our Sneak Peek with our Interactive Map below.

Find the home where nearest you to start your tour. Currently, these are our homes thus far.
Click here to see the map.
Tour Map

See Tour Map

Map shows locations, photos, descriptions, and directions.

Click on Tour Home Map Pins for more information.

Saturday, October 6
9:00 am–4:30 pm
Tour homes are open to the public.

Questions? Contact Craig Wolfe, President
info@HeartlandRenewable.org or 913-299-4474

Here is a sneak preview of Tour Guide
Click Here
If the link does not open, right click on the Tour Guide and download the PDF
Energy Solutions Tour Guide
Energy Solutions Tour & Magazine
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Tour Stops Include
Rooftop PV system in Crossroads Arts District
Wind Turbine
Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Hot Water Systems
Microhydroelectric generator from pond tolower creek
Ground Source Geothermal HVAC systems
asdf Energy recovery ventilation
asdf Ground Source Geothermal HVAC systems
asdf Super insulation construction techniques
asdf Extreme energy retrofits Energy audits information
asdf Projected Net Zero performance
asdf Smart thermostats
asdf Extensive caulking, sealing and weatherstripping
asdf 1,500 gallon cistern to capture rain water and use it to flush toilets (dual flush).
Scroll down to see Tour Home photos, features, and directions


Starting in southwest part of city, here are links to mini-maps and directions below. Or you can simply scroll down.

TOUR STOP LISTING with photo of each home, their description, and directions from major intersection. Scroll down to decide which homes you want to visit.
Interactive Map will show exellent details to help find site. Scroll Down for Photos

Galileo Pavilion and Solar Lab
Johnson County Comm College
12345 College Blvd, O.P., KS
(Near 435 & Quivira Rd)

  1. From 435 & Quivira, go south to College Blvd. JCCC is on southwest corner. NOTE: Quivira bridge may be out for 435 west-bound traffic. Get off at Alt 69, south to College, and west to Quivira.
  2. Enter the JCCC Campus off of Quivira and take the south campus road to the parking lot where the Solar Lab is. Electric cars will be next to the Solar Lab. You can walk to Galileo Pavilion from the parking lot.

Features: The 3,000 square foot building houses two classrooms, a lounge and exhibition/display space, and was built with a goal of achieving LEED platinum certification. Clad in reclaimed gray slate chalkboards, the building incorporates such energy-saving features as photovoltaic solar panels on the roof, a small, 2-kilowatt wind turbine, LED lighting, sedum rooftop plants and a rain-collecting cistern that will be used to water living walls of plants on the north sides of both classrooms as well as the lounge.

Dicker Residence

Dicker Map

Dicker Residence

6325 W 101st Ter, Overland Park, KS
Directions: Near 435 & Metcalf

  1. From 435, take Metcalf or Nall exits and go north to 103 St.
  2. East from Metcalf or west from Nall to Lamar.
  3. North on Lamar to 101st Ter. West to house on left.

Features: Deep energy efficiency retrofit, indoor air quality (IAQ), water efficiency, and solar installation measures (all ongoing). Energy efficiency measures include: dense packed exterior wall insulation, knee wall air sealing and nsulation, rim joist air sealing and insulation, duct sealing, insulation and redesign, and frame floor insulation. Solar systems under way include PV with battery backup, solar hot water and solar air heating.

Liberty Lofts

Lofts Map 1

Liberty Lofts
360 W Pershing Rd, Kansas City, MO
Directions: Near I-35 & 20th St

  1. From South, from I-35 take W Penway exit. Turn right onto W Penway. Take quick jog onto SW Blvd to get to Broadway.
  2. From North, from I-35, take 20th St exit. Turn left onto 20th St to get to Broadway
  3. South on Broadway to W Penway to left at Pershing Road. See below.

Lofts Map 2

Rooftop PV System. Centrally located in the KC Crossroads Arts District. The solar array is easily accessible by staircase to a breathtaking view of array and KC skyline.


Wolfe Residence

Travois Map

Travois Solar Canopy
310 W 19th Ter, Kansas City, MO
Directions: Near I-35 & 20th St Exit

  1. From South, from I-35 take W Penway exit. Turn right onto W Penway. Take quick jog onto SW Blvd to get to Broadway.
  2. From North, from I-35, take 20th St exit. Turn left onto 20th St to get to Broadway
  3. North on Broadway to W 19 Ter. Turn right on 19th Ter. to site on left.

Features: 330 solar panels cover 6000 sf roof. 10,000 sf building projected to go Net Zero with 75kW solar PV. By Homoly Construction with Solar Design Studio consultant.


YouthBuild Home

YouthBuild Map

YouthBuild Project
3228 Lockridge Ave, Kansas City, MO
Directions: (Near I-70 & 27th St exit)

  1. From West, from I-70, take the 27th St exit. Turn right and go west to Indiana Ave.
  2. From East, from I-70, take exit 5C - Jackson Ave - to 29th St, which turns into Myrtle. Continue on to 27th St. Left (west) on 27th St to Indiana.
  3. Left (south) on Indiana to Lockridge Ave.
  4. Right (west) on Lockridge to site on right.

Features: Older 3 story home with balloon framing that the students are rehabbing with air-sealing and insulation etc. Had an energy audit by Metropolitan Energy Center before work commenced—will repeat audit when work is complete.

Homoly Residence

Homoly Map

Homoly Residence
6401 NW Monticello Drive, Parkville, MO
Directions: Near I-29 & NW 64th St

  1. From I-2 9 & NW 64th Street, go west 1.4 miles to NW Monticello Drive.
  2. Right on NW Monticello Drive. Go 150 feet to driveway on right..
Features: LEED Platinum. 25kW ground mounted solar array. Solar powered heat pump from pond. Homoly-Pedley Perfect Wall system. Advanced framing. Many EE features.
Family Dentistry

Dentist Office

Family Dentistry
3220 S 291 Highway, Independence, MO
Directions: Near I-70 & 291 Hwy

  1. From I-70 and 291 Hwy, go north 1.5 miles to Hidden Valley Rd.
  2. Make a U-Turn at Hidden Valley Road and come back south 0.2 miles to East 32nd St.
  3. Right on East 32nd St, which curves again to right. Stop is right on the corner on the right.

Features: Energy conservation remodel started with complete energy audit. 5kW solar PV installed. Geothermal HVAC system installed.

Clevenger Residence

Clevenger Map

Clevenger Residence
26904 E Argo Rd Independence, MO
Directions: Near 470 & I-70

  1. From 470 & I-70, go east 4.4 miles to Hwy 7.
  2. North on Hwy 7 and go 2.7 miles to Argo Rd.
  3. Right (east) on Argo Road right 0.9 miles to site on left..

Features: Energy conservation project that includes 5kW solar PV installation. Wood Boiler HVAC Equipment.


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