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Mark Your Calendars for the
2012 Energy Solutions Tour
Saturday, October 6

Below is our info from the 2011 Tour

On Tour Day, start at any of the homes listed below to get your tickets, or
Go To The Map.

Tour Details:

  • This year's Tour is a self-guided tour (in your own car). You pick your houses and times.
  • Go to any of the 14 Tour Homes and get your Tour Tickets and Tour Guide.
  • Tickets - $10 - cash or check only
    Children 12 & under free.
  • Tour Guide has map, home photos, addresses, and directions.
  • One ticket is good for all 14 Homes!
    See Interactive Map Below
Find the home where nearest you to start your tour
Click here to see the map.
Tour Map

See Tour Map

Map shows locations, photos, descriptions, and directions.

Click on Tour Home Map Pins for more information.

Saturday, October 1
8:30 am–4:30 pm
Tour homes are open to the public.
Plan Your Tour Stops. Each Tour Home will make presentation every 1-1/2 hours. (arrive & tour at any time, however)
9:00 am
10:30 am
12:00 pm
1:30 pm
3:00 pm

Questions? Contact Craig Wolfe, President
info@HeartlandRenewable.org or 913-299-4474
Energy Solutions Tour & Magazine

Brightergy website MARC website Kansas Sierra Club website Tour article at GreenabilityECS GeothermalGeoEnergy Source Systems

Tour Stops Include
Passive Solar, Super Insulated, Thermal Mass for heat storage
Extreme Energy Retrofit of Existing Homes, Dense Pack Cellulose
Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Hot Water Systems
Deconstruction / Reconstruction (new home on old site)
Ground Source Geothermal HVAC systems
Scroll down to see Tour Home photos, features, and directions

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Energy Solutions
Homes Tour

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Below are photos of each home, their description, and directions from major intersection. Scroll down to decide which homes you want to visit.
Interactive Map will show exellent details to help find site. Scroll Down for Photos
Wolfe Residence

Wolfe Residence
9844 Georgia Ave, KCK
Near 435 & I-70 (KCK)

  1. From I-70 & 435, north 2 mi to Parallel East exit
  2. East 1/4 mi to light at 99th St
  3. Left (N) 1/2 mi on 99th to Georgia Ave
  4. Right (E) on Georgia to 1st house on left

Features: Passive solar with mass-backed greenhouse. Mass wall uses dark brick on sun side and stone on interior.

Zahner Residence

Zahner Residence
10202 NW 72nd Street
Near Barry Road & Eastside Dr
Directions: From Hwy 152 & Amity Ave on north

  1. From Hwy 152, go south on Amity Ave 0.4 mi, which turns into Eastside Dr at Barry Rd.
  2. Continue south on Eastside Dr 1.6 mi to 72nd Ter.
  3. Right (W) on 72nd Ter 0.4 mi to McDonald St.
  4. Left (S) on McDonald St 361 ft and road curves into 72nd St. House on left.

Directions: From Hwy 45 on south

  1. From 435 on the west go 3.8 mi to light at Blair Rd, or I-29 on the east go to 3 mi to Blair Rd.
  2. Go north on Blair Rd 1.1 mi to stop sign at Eastside Dr.
  3. Turn left on Eastside and go 500 ft to 72nd Ter.
  4. Left on 72nd Ter. Follow from #4 above.

Features: Passive solar. Solar hot water. Energy Star rated 52. Insulated concrete form foundation. Soy based spray foam. Tankless hot water radiant heating. Energy recovery ventilator for fresh air.

Ellerman/Hermann Residence

Ellermann/Hermann Residence
8324 NW Mace Rd, KCMO
Near Barry Rd & NW Mace Rd
Directions: Near 152 Hwy & Amity Ave

  1. From 435, go east on Hwy152; or from I-29, go west on Hwy 152; and go to the Amity Ave exit.
  2. Go south on Amity Ave 0.5 miles, to Barry Rd.
  3. Left (E) on Barry Rd 0.2 miles to Mace Rd.
  4. Go Right (S) on Mace Rd 0.2 mi to house. Don’t go in driveway. Go past white fence to 2nd drive toward barn w/PV system.

Features: Visitors to the site can see the full installation, inside and out, as well as view the first full year of production data, Return on Investment (ROI), and share in a candid discussion regarding things “we would have done different”.

ESC Geothermal Offices

ECS Georthermal Offices
209 Richardson, Smithville, MO
Directions: Near 435 & 169 Hwy

  1. From 435 & 169 Hwy, go north 4.3 mi to Richardson St. Hint: When you cross Hwy 92, you have about 0.3 miles to Richardson St.
  2. Left (W) onto Richardson. Go 0.1 mi to ECS on left.

Features: This is the office of ECS Geothermal. It is completely heated and cooled by a ground source heat pump. Personnel will be on hand to answer all your questions about their system and geo-thermal heating and cooling.

Guffy Residence

Guffey Residence
9630 NW Baker Rd, KCMO
Near 435 & I-70 (KCK)

  1. From 435 & Hwy 152/Missouri T, go west 0.4 mi to Jones-Meyer Rd on left.
  2. Take Jones-Meyer Rd 2.4 mi to Hwy 45.
  3. Right (N) on Hwy 45 and go 1.8 mi to Baker Rd.
  4. Right (E) on Baker Rd and go 1.1 mi to drive on left.

Features: 5-ton Geothermal heat pump. All cooling and heating and radiant floor heat out of one unit. Guardian plus hepa filtration system. 2 radiant floor zones.

Walker Residence

Walker Residence
30725 Explorer's Trl, De Soto, KS

Near 435 & K-10

  1. From 435 & 10 Hwy, go west 10 mi to Kill Creek Rd
  2. Right (N) on Kill Creek. Go 0.5 mi to 89th St
  3. Right (E) on 89. Go 0.6 mi to Waverly Rd and go right (S)
  4. Go 0.2 mi on Waverly to Explorer's Trail and go left (E)
  5. Go 0.3 mi to house

Features: Passive Solar. Super insulation. Cellulose insulation in walls and attic. Rigid foam board in walls and foundation. Energy recovery ventilation. Thermal mass in living room masonry floors.


Willaims/York Residence

Williams/York Residence
9219 Wenonga Rd, Leawood, KS

Near 435 & Roe

  1. From 435, go north on Roe Av 0.6 mi to 103rd St
  2. Right (E) on 103rd St. Go 0.5 mi to MIssion Rd.
  3. Left (N) on Mission. Go 1.3 mi to W 93rd St.
  4. Right (E) on 93rd. Go 0.3 mi to Wenonga Rd.
  5. Left (N) on Wenoga 440 ft to house.

Features: Deconstruction-Reconstruction (new home built on old site). Passive solar solarium room. Photovoltaic 4kW system. Structural Insulated Panels walls and roof. Ground-source heat pump with de-superheater (water). E-coated Windows.

Marsh Residence

Marsh/Gingrich Residence
804 Romany Rd, KCMO

Near 71 Hwy & Gregory

  1. From Hwy 71 & Gregory, go west on Gregory 2.4 mi to Valley Rd. (2 blks past Wornall)
  2. Right (N) on Valley Rd 3 blks to Romany Rd. House on NW corner

Features: Home Energy Retrofit. Cellulose in attic to R-50. Dense pack cellulose existing walls to R-13. Ground source heat pump with high efficiency gas water heater. For tour, walls can open to see dense pack.

Norton Residence

Norton Residence
624 E 66th Terrace, KCMO
Near 71 Hwy & 63rd St

  1. From 71 Hwy & 63rd St, go east on 63rd 1.3 miles to Holmes Rd
  2. Left (S) on Holmes 0.4 mi to 66th Ter.
  3. Go right (W) on 66 Ter 300 feet to house on right

Features: Photovoltaic system. Cellulose insulation to walls. Solar air collectors. Solar lighting tube.

Project Living Proof

Project Lliving Proof
917 Emanuel Cleaver Blvd,KCMO

Near Hwy 71 & Emanuel Cleaver Blvd
You will go to the Discovery Center parking lot and walk to Project Living Proof.

  1. From Hwy 71, go 0.8 mi east on Emanuel Cleaver Blvd (47th St) and turn left on Troost Ave.
  2. Left (S) on Troost and go 500 feet to Discovery Center Parking Lot on right. Park in northwest corner of lot and walk to Project Living Proof.

Features: Energy Demonstration Home by Metropolitan Energy Center. Photovoltaic solar array. Geothermal heat pump. Electric vehicle charging station. Natural gas car filling station. Hybrid heating system. Smart appliances and monitors. Many system examples.

YouthBuild Project 5307

YouthBuild Project 5307
5307 Wayne Ave, KCMO

Near Hwy 71 & 55th St, KCMO

  1. From Hwy 71, go west on 55th St 0.7 mi to Wayne Ave.
  2. Turn right (N) on Wayne and go 0.2 mi to house

Features: Passive solar w/Trombe wall. Structural Insulated Panel Construction (SIPs). On demand hot water. Serious Windows with R-5.7. LED lighting systems.

Riead Residence

Riead Residence
2501 NW Vesper, Blue Springs MO

Near I-70 & Woods Chapel Rd

  1. From I-70, go 1 mi south on Woods Chapel Rd to Vesper
  2. Go left (E) on Vesper 0.5 mi to house.
  3. House is behind a smaller house on Vesper

Features: Passive solar. Solar hot water. Energy Star. Demonstration home. Energy Star appliances. Icynene foam insulation in walls, attic. Heat pump water heater. Ultra high-efficiency heat pumps. 2 heat recovery ventilators. Passive solar greenhouse. Electric vehicle charging setup

Harris/Lala Residence

Harris/Lala Residence
11 NE Lake Shore Dr, Lake Lotawana, MO

Near 470 & Colbern Road

  1. Get on Colbern Rd from 470 and go east 6.3 mi to Lake Shore Drive. (if coming down 470 from west, jog to Douglas St to get to Colbern) After you cross Hwy 7, Lake Shore drive is 1.6 mi. Two stone pillars mark the entrance onto Lake Shore Drive, just after church.
  2. Turn right (S) on Lake Shore Dr and go 0.9 mi to house on right.

Features: Net metered 13 kW photovoltaic system. Insulated concrete form foundation. Solar hot water. Low-e windows. High efficiency heat pump. Bamboo flooring. Energy Star appliances. Extensive daylighting. Occupancy lighting sensors.

Geier Residence

Geier Residence
4025 N Spruce Ave, KCMO

Near I-35 & Cheateau Trafficway

  1. From I-35, go 0.6 mi southeast on Chouteau Tfwy to Russell
  2. Left (E) on Russell 0.2 mi to Spruce Ave
  3. Left on Spruce 425 feet to house

Features: Energy Efficiency Retrofit. Thorough air sealing. Cellulose R-60 in attic. Dense pack R-13 in walls. Ground source heat pump with desuper heater. Plexiglass viewing windows for hidden insulation.

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